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10 whole brain radiation treatments down 5 to go


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HI all,

Just checking in with a progress report on my radiation treatments.Had the 10th one this morning and am finally seeing some side effects.My hair is falling out around my ears.That just started since yesterday.My tongue feels sensitive.Has anyone else had that problem?I have not been fatigued nor have I lost my appetite.I am beginning to look like I stayed in the sun way too long though. I have been bald most of my life so I am not sweating the hair loss.My siblings said that it is about time something started happening in my brain.They know me too well.LOL.We continue to pray for us all.Now lets have a big group smile.Thanks.TBone :lol:

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Hi there bro! Tried to call a little while ago to offer congratulations on making it two thirds of the way through your radiation treatments already, but you must've been out showing off your hair follicles. Be careful where they aim that radiation machine . . . wouldn't want your neck to get any more red than it already is!

And to the rest of y'all - come on down/over/up to Georgia this weekend. We're gonna be gathering, cooking, eating, gossiping and whatever else strikes our fancy. We'll leave the light on for ya . . .

Prayers, best wishes, and crossed fingers going out in all directions for each and every one of you. Thanks for being my strength on those days I so badly need it.



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Hey TBone,

One behind ya buddy, but 11 to go!!!, I was told to expect to lose my hair next week!!! :roll: Guess it is what it is!!, Got a haircut yesterday too, which when I thought about it made no sense. Just a little vain, I suppose 8) , My appitites finally coming back as the decadron has been uped for me and yes I do have issues with tastes.

Anyway, my best to ya and the family, God bless and be well !!

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18/03 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

PET taken 1/5 - hot spot in mediastinum May be cancer??

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Hey T-Bone,

When I was going through radiation, I can remember leaving the room when the microwave was on? As if the radiation from it could add to the mega dose I was already getting from the giant radioactive megatron machine! I like Dean's description of the "asteroid" blasting machine!

Counting down with you!


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Being married to an older guy, I just HAVE to ask....is the hair INSIDE your ears falling out, too? :wink:

I married the world's hairiest man, I think...if he didn't shave, just his eyes would be hair free! Of course, he gets a kick out of telling people his moustache is older than his wife... :roll:

Hang in there, it'll get better!


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