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I have not checked if all these are still around but here is something to check

“How to Get What You Need For Free”, in the March/April 2003 issue of Coping magazine, provides the following resources for patients to get cancer care:

Free/Low Cost Medication – write the United States Senate, Special Committee on Aging, Washington, D.C. 20510-6400 and request the publication, The Guide to Low Income Medication Assistance Programs. This text lists drug manufactures that offer people with low incomes the opportunity of receiving medications at no cost. For an online listing go to


Another resource is the Pharmaceutical Research Foundation of America. Their website, www.phrma.org, provides links to the manufacturer’s patient’s assistance programs. They can be reached by phone at (202) 835-3400.

Free Travel to Clinical Trial/Treatment – There are too many resources to list. Call Air Care Alliance Organization at (888) 260-9707 for more information or visit their website at


Patient Care Supplies – Cancer Fund of America, Inc. is a nationwide patient assistance program that supplies no-cost items such as liquid supplements, dressings, fans, crutches, incontinence supplies, food items, skin care items, toys for children and much more people with cancer.

You and your physician or registered nurse must fill out an application. Call (800) 578-5284 or go to www.cfoa.org.

Free Counseling/Support – There are many local and national organizations that offer a variety of support and/or counseling services. Call (707) 429-7961 and leave your name and number someone will return your call to assist you.

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