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what does it really mean??


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First, I must thank you all once again for the good wishes sent our way. I'm sure you know how much it means.

My parents were nowhere near as excited about the scan results as I was.

Apparently, up to 10% shrinkage is considered somewhat borderline (although obviously preferable to growth!). Mum's concern is that if she is to continue with chemo, she requires a mediport put in, as the chemo has buggered up the veins in both arms. She is not at all keen on this, as is worried about what will happen to the veins the mediport goes into. I think that if she had had a major shrinkage, then she would go ahead with more chemo, no questions asked; but this borderline result has made her apprehensive.

She has had two cycles of chemo (cisplatin and gemcitabine), and I guess my question is has anyone found that they get increased shrinkage as the chemo goes on, or is the most pronounced result usually in the initial cycles??? I know this is probably one of those questions that is difficult to answer as everyone responds differently, but I would appreciate hearing about your experiences if anyone had more pronounced shrinkage as their treatment progressed (with the same drugs).

Once again, thanks for your time and kind thoughts.

Karen (still feeling pretty happy nonetheless!!)

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My wife has a port and she really likes it -- much less trauma with the chemo and other IV things. They can get infected, so it is important to be sure the port stays clean. After each use, the line should be flushed (by the attendant) with saline and heparin. My wife had her last chemo last May and still has the port in for future use. It does not bother her at all. Don

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