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Need Help for Dad with Cancer and Chemo Diet


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Hi glad I found this section of the site. I seeking some advice on what types of foods my Dad should be eating while on Chemo? He has Stage IV Adno... and he has gone through three different treatments of Chemo. None of agreed with him we are hoping the Nevelbine will be tolerable.

Anyway, one Doctor told my Mom to not feed the tumor. The Onc's give no diet or direction on what he should be eating so we are most confused? One Doctor told her to feed him high fatty foods like French Fries and Cheeseburgers. Apparently he has been craving this high fatty foods after Chemo...Can anyone give us some insight or direction as to where find information on what kind of diet, or proteins vs. fats, calories etc....?

Please help


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Hi Andrea

I jotted down some points under your question in the new research and treatments section, if you are interested to have a look there.

(I find it quite bizarre, and concerning, that your doc was recommending fries and burgers for your dad. High fat foods are difficult to digest and tax the detoxifying organs of the body. Do your own research and come up with a good dietary plan that your dad can stick to without feeling that he's missing out on too much!!

I can dig around and find the research that I did, if you would like some more info from me, but it will take a bit of time as I have a toddler and a new baby who are quite demanding, as you can imagine!

Cheers, Karen.

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