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Questions about radiation

gerbil runner

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My mom's response has been so good, the dr. is conferring with an associate in Colorado about her case. He wants to do radiation to her 2 original tumor sites along with PCI.

I understand this is usually done for limited stage SCLC, but mom only had 2 sites - no bone, brain or liver involvement. And they ARE sure the pancreas was a sclc met, because that was where the dx biopsy came from.

Anyone else had this?

Oh, and is there any news on the sclc vaccine? How long with the trial run?

Mom really feels like she's been snatched from the jaws of death - her original dx was pancreatic cancer. Worse than lc, if you can believe that - moves fast and is not easily controlled with chemo. And then she spent 4 days on a ventilator (over Thanksgiving) when she started to bleed during her first bronchoscopy. We can't believe how fortunate we are.

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Guest Jonathan

Hi, i would go for the radiation!!! It is a great shot to take at it in hopes of preventing and stopping a recurrence. I want to tell you thought that it has been proven that twice daily radiation, is superior than once daily in sclc patients. People who have twice daily radiation, as opposed to once daily have seen longer remissions, and are the highest group of long term survivors as well as cures. You may want to research this at www.google.com Type in the search engine "sclc and twice daily radiation" -- this will bring up things on it.

Good Luck! Sounds like a great plan!!

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