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Cathy Appreciation Day!

A little birdie told me that Cathy has been with the group a whole year TODAY!

So glad she's still on the "Love Boat/Titanic Life Boat" tour with the rest of us, her input is valued and her heart is in the right place (her chest - after all, if it were in her foot, she'd be getting it off beat with each step)!

Happy that you are here, Cathy, and have chosen to stay with the rest of the Survivors (Outwit, Outplay, Outlast - or however that goes)! Raising my coffee mug to you, Cathy!

Women are like teabags - you never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water. Here's to you, Cathy - weak as steel!



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Thanks Becky and everyone,

Although I am not quite sure I have done anyhting to deserve this. You guys are the ones who are appreciated.. I am just a daughter who was very blessed to have had a perfect father, my love for him brought me here, where I have met so many brave and caring people... my part in this group is the easy part, you beautiful survivors are the ones doing all the hard work fighting this monster everyday. I in turn raise my cup to you!!

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