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"Controlling the Blood Supply to Tumors"


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I heard this report this morning on a local talk radio station and copied it from their website. I would like to try to find the complete article it references, but this is interesting, nonetheless!!!

Controlling the Blood Supply to Tumors

by KYW's Dr. Brian McDonough


There is good news in the battle against cancer.

In the past I have talked about one of the hottest trends in cancer therapy: cutting down the blood supply to tumors.

Well, it seems that things are working better than hoped.

Have you ever seen those sci-fi movies where the monster grows and grows by feeding on electricity? Well, tumors grow and grow by feeding on blood. As a result, tumors develop a tremendous blood supply.

The experimental treatments are designed to cut the blood supply off and shrink the tumors, just like denying a monster his electricity.

The new report, from the journal "Nature Medicine," says denying the blood supply doesn't just weaken the tumors but also may somehow change the tumor cells so they behave more normally.

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