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Hello There All


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I have at last managed to add an Avatar. The photo is of my husband and myself with our little dog "Hobie". It was taken recently. Hobie has been a great comfort to David through his illness, I can recomend a pet to everyone.

Dave is sporting quite a thatch of salt- and- pepper hair now which he is very proud of. I hope he doesn't lose it again if he has to go on Iressa!

I didn't really want to use this photo as Dave is looking down, but he said he just wanted his wife and his dog in it, and thats all that mattered! Notice he didn't put "his dog" before "his wife, smart fellow :lol:

Prayers and love,


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Paddy -

A very nice picture! Look at the devotion in the picture with his eyes on you...and that silhouette of a dog! Looks like the 2D bear and people pictures that folks here put on their barns and garages...and mailboxes, sometimes! (I had a black dog, VERY hard to get their face to show up in a mug shot...)

Nice to see ya!


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