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Pet peeves...


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Okay, I've noticed that sometimes by airing pet peeves I can see how absolutely stupid any "reasoning" is in being annoyed by something so small... So, I'm going to attempt to start a string here listing minor annoyances and see who can come up with the funniest.... And mine won't be funny, you'll ALL agree with me 100% (AS IF any of ya'll EVER agree with me 100% LOL)

Here goes:

I hate it when I get in a short line at the grocery store just to watch someone who got into a longer line after me get through the check-out first...

Never seems to fail, if in the drive-thru, I have the correct amount of change to make my change back in exact quarters (or something other than pennies) and have someone who cannot count change at the window....

Newest peeve is when I'm typing out some LONG winded reply to a post on LCSC and my #*$&%^ server goes down! THREE TIMES tonight!! SOOOO, if you ever wonder why some of my posts are long and others are short, the short ones come AFTER I've typed out a 750 word essay that gets lost in the "Hozone" layer and am just SOOOO p.o.'ed that I can't even think back on the track I was on and am stuck with something like "Yeah, what s/he said!" :roll:

....your turn!

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How about the telemarketers that answer you with "Oh don't you want to save money?" These are the ones that you tell that you don't want their damn credit card or magazine or whatever they are selling then they act like you are the stupid one!

How about the people that take a buggy so full that everything is falling out through the express line at the grocery store. Your standing there with a gallon of milk that is breaking your arm and that is all you have.

people that never call you on the phone but seem to know when you are in the bathroom and then remember that they need to tell you something.

then there are the ones who think it is so cute when their dog humps the leg of everyone who enters their house.

And of coarse there are the ones who go to a resturant just so they can spend an hour talking on their cell phone and make sure that everyone there knows the whole conversation because they know how to make their voice carry so they don't need a micraphone.

The best one of all is the person who calls you and when you answer the phone say"oh you're home". Now if they don't expect you to be home why are they calling? So your phone doesn't get lonely?

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When they prempt any televison show for a sports event.

professional atheletes who think they are better then us "normal" people and who think they are above the law.

People who smoke right outside of the door of the cancer center where I go.

People who talk on their phones, put make up on, eat, read, or anything else that distracts them while driving.

Clean houses.

last but not least hyperthroid rats that some people put collars on and call dogs.

+ many more

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The person who asks you how you are, and if you attempt to answer with anything but "fine" or "good" turns and talks to someone else.

The person in the car in front of me who is going straight and blocks me from turning right on red.

The people who park in handicapped spaces and aren't handicapped but their vehicle has the sticker.

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Boy do I have some dillies,

I have so many that it would take me weeks for writing them down,

People that call you and ask you ''What are you doing?'' and when you tell them ''I'm answering the phone'' tell you '' Will call you back, you are busy''.

Professionals that make mistakes and when you point it out to them

correct the mistake and send you a bill for the correction.

Adults with children that cross the street on a red light.

Enough I am already getting *MAD*


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People who have had their tongue pierced and have to stand there and suck on it while talking.

Black Lipstick, Black Eyeshadow, which make the young woman look like she is from somewhere other than Earth.

People who die their hair blue, pink, over done black, etc.

Teenagers who will wear only a tee shirt and shorts when it is 10 below zero and think that they are so cool. I personally think their mother gave birth standing up

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People who think it's cute that their 4-year-old's voice is on their answering machine, unaware that they are the only ones who can understand what (s)he's saying.

People who stop a full car length (or more) behind the car in front of them at a light, making traffic back up into the intersection behind them.

"Customer service representatives" who merely keep repeating the same phrases over and over hoping you'll go away. ("If you pay your balance in full each month, you will not incur finance charges." "If you had a brain, I wouldn't be blowing steam out of my ears right now.")

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I'm a stay-at-home mom, so bear with me...

1. Dust. It just never ends!

2. The law of bath-induced diaper changes - a freshly-washed baby will immediately have at least one, and usually more, diaper that looks like something out of "Aliens".

3. White shirts. They always attract grease or worse...whether the wearer is 2, 12, or 54. I've sworn off buying white shirts for my husband.

4. Credit card offers. No wonder the average American has over $8,000 in credit-card debt! I must get at least 3 a week.

5. Ironing. Because of the danger of hot irons combined with 2 active little boys, it has to be done when they're sleeping. Just what I want to do after they've gone to bed and peace finally descends on the house.

6. Gratuitous bad language. I'm one of those people who will react to remarks about "f#cking such-and such" will say "I don't believe that's physically possible". Not that I won't use my choice of 4-letter words, but they're best used sparingly!

7. The knee-jerk fear most people have of "pit bulls". I have an American Staffordshire Terrier - same dog, different breed registry. Total sweetheart with a heart of gold and never-ending sense of humor. My mother's 10-pound shih tzu is the one who bites! Pit bulls and their relatives are currently in favor with idiot lowlifes, just as rotties, dobermans, and German Shepards were in the past. Outlawing a breed doesn't solve the problem.

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Pet peeves aren't funny - they are da-- irritating.

1. SPECIAL people who park in the fire lane to run in and get their dry cleaning etc. (Saw a policeman giving a car like that a ticket on Friday and I thanked the policeman profusely.)

2. People in the supermarket that park their cart across an aisle and then go to the end of the aisle to price shop tuna fish. (I move their cart to the end of the aisle)

Mostly, just people who think they are more special than others. We would all, to some degree like to take the easy way, but we don't, because we respect other people.

3. Entertainers who do not have enough talent to just sing and/or dance, but must do shock value tricks. YUK.

4. Rats with bright blue harnesses.


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Hmmm...okay, Ginny, I think I have it...

When a man and a woman love each other very, very much....(yeah, didn't work when my mom gave me that either, let me try again...)

Funny, jokes keep running through my mind (now, my HUSBAND wouldn't find that odd...LOL)

A kindergarten teacher is trying to teach her class about the senses and has little Johnny close his eyes and stick out his tongue to teach him about taste. She unwraps a little silver package with a Hersey's tail on it and places the candy in his mouth...

Johnny is not too sure about what he is tasting and the teacher gives him a hint, "It's what your mommy gives your daddy before he leaves for work in the morning..."

Little Suzy shouts out, "SPIT IT OUT, Johnny, it's a piece o' *ss!"


A little girl tells her mother that she knows how babies are made... Mommy quickly asks her little girl how that happens (yea, like the kid'll believe Mommy doesn't know! LOL - anyhow, it's a joke, bear with me)... The daughter goes into detail of fellatio to which Mommy laughs and says, "No, honey, that's not how you get babies, that's how you get JEWELRY!"

I'd explain it all better, but Mr. Becky will spank me...Hmmmm...

sex can be anything involving two people who either care very deeply for each other (intimacy through closeness and hugging) or are recently acquainted and just plain horn dogs... Let's see....euphemisms for sex - off the cuff: knocking boots, boinking, hiding the salami, hitting a home run, mattress dancing...(oh man, where's DaveG when it starts getting filthy??? I'm sure he'll chime in...)

Another pet peeve - painting myself into a flippin' corner! LOL

Thanks, Ginny, this was fun...trying to keep it all clean....a real tightrope for me, believe me! :oops:

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