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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

                                   Hope you are all well,thought I would drop by since I have a wee bit of spare time on my hands.Off into Glasgow shortly to meet up with my gym buddies to share our weekly lunch date.

      I have been so busy recently,holidaying for a change,seems its all I do recently,not long back from my visit to Holland to see Andre Rieu in concert in Masstricht,it turned out be one of those memourable days we have occassionally in our lives,we met up with Liz'es friends Peter and Mary who hail from Newcastle in England,they by coincidence had booked the same concert.Peter had visited Masstricht before and led us to a super Irish restaurant where we enjoyed a brill steak lunch.The weather was really hot,we enjoyed a stroll though this lovely city,then onto the concert in the evening.Our seats were ideally placed in the square just 9 rows from the stage,what a performance,think I had been transported to heaven,

        Our package included a day trip to Amsterdam,which was really beautiful and yes we did visit the popular tourist destination there of the red light district,I have to say I was propositioned by one nice scantily dressed lady standing at her doorway,I jokingly declined  excusing myself as being in company with Liz,no problem this attractive young lady said,your companion can come and join us LOL.Crossing the streets in Amsterdam is an experience,getting to the other side is quite an accomplishment is you get there without incident,the traffic,vehicles and cyclists are overwhelming.We did walk to the Ann Frank building,but were unable to enter since it was fully booked up throughout July.We also visited Antwerp in Belgium for a day,we wandered about the town centre enjoying the traffic free pedestrian cobbled streets,visiting the shops and open air cafes,I just loved the architecture of the buildings around,particularly the cathedral with the spire which was over 400 ft in height,I would certainly recommend Antwerp as a place to visit.

      As previously mentioned,Liz and I have bought a motorhome,its not huge,just two berth,but it meets all our needs,very modern,all sorts of accessories including a solar panel on the roof,so we can  travel off road and be self sufficient with our energy needs.We had our first excursion last Friday through to Monday,we toured the North of England,including meeting up with our Newcastle friends we met in Maastricht,Peter and Mary,they were so welcoming at their home,we shared a traditional roast beef Sunday dinner with them,can life get any better.Well home now planning our next jaunt at the weekend.I am driving my daughter and her boyfriend to Edinburgh Airport at 7am on Monday morning,they are off to a weeks hols in Tenerife.

    Time to go guys,hope you are having some summer fun too,bye 

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