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Can anybody recommend best place to go to in Chicago?


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Can you share where you go and why you chose them? We are torn between a few places and have not even had the bronchoscopy done yet - my Dad was told only that he was stage 4 lung cancer. We are torn between going to Mayo Clinic in MN or staying here in Chicago. Does anybody have experience with Rush, Northwestern or U of Chicago??? I would be so grateful for advice or opinions!!! Thank you because finding this kind of support has been a saving grace. 

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Thank you Katie B! We are trying decide between those two exactly and then Mayo. I would take him to MD Anderson if he agreed to it but he really wants to try and stay near home. We only know he is stage 4 but not sure why he is stage 4 when we just got biopsy done today but no results?!

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We finally found out yesterday my dad has "metastatic poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma" in his left upper lobe of his lungs. Left side lymph nodes were positive for cancer and right side and middle were not. Not sure if that matters anyway since they think it is in other organs so I think that still puts him at stage IV? 


They think it is in his adrenals and liver but PET scan is Monday. MRI is Thursday next week which seems so far away again.


I just lost my twin and my brother but I will not lose my father - we have to do something to try and save him. We are all falling like dominoes:( My mom could not even come to the appointment yesterday she was so distraught - she has been hospitalized with very high blood pressure since my brother died over two months ago:(


Now I am just torn on whether we stay here in Chicago for treatment or go to Mayo or maybe MD Anderson? Will they do something different in Mayo or MD perhaps that they would not do here? Any thoughts on that? Has anybody had it in their adrenals and liver and there was still hope? 


Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated!




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