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New here with questions


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Hi, this is my first time here. My mom was diagnosed this week with what appears to be lc. This is based off of a CT scan. They say they can't technically tell her, but then they say they are looking for mets. It's like they're telling us it is lc, without using the actual word as to not break any rules, which I find insane. The way they describe it in the report and doing research all matches with lc. We have to wait until a week from monday for the pet scan, which really makes us unhappy. My mom is 62, lives with us due to chronic health issues already present.

Here is what parts of the report say...


There is a 1.4 x 1.6 cm, spiculated, irregular and lobular right upper lobe lesion corresponding to abnormalities seen on the chest radiograph. There is a suggestion of adjacent ground-glass opacity. There are other right upper lobe smaller nodules including 4 mm and 5 mm right upper lobe nodules. There are multiple right middle lobe nodules, largest measuring 5 mm. In addition, there are 7 mm and 6 mm right lower lobe nodules. There are multiple left lung nodules. The largest in the left upper lobe measures 6 mm. A left lower lobe nodule measures 6 mm.

Evaluation of mediastinal structures and hilar lymph nodes is limited in the absence of intravenous contrast. Within these limits: A few prominent mediastinal lymph nodes are noted.

There is a 4 mm noncalcified right apical opacity (series 4 image 9).


IMPRESSION: 1.6 cm spiculated, irregular and lobular right upper lobe lesion corresponding to abnormality on the chest radiograph with suggestion of adjacent ground-glass opacity. This can be further evaluated with PET-CT. Innumerable bilateral lung nodules may be infectious, inflammatory or neoplastic in etiology.


Anyone have any thoughts on all of this?

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I'm not a radiologist but the impression suggests an inability to classify the discovered nodules as cancer or not.


A PET-CT appears to be the next test ordered.  Here is a explanation of what that test consists of and how it determines metastatic disease (cancer).  




Stay the course.



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