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I was diagnosed with stage 1A lung cancer in 2007 and 2009 - 3 tumors all primary.  Had surgery in 2007 and ablation in 2009.  Have been in remission since 2009.  Recently, had debilitating stomach cramps and constipation.  Abdominal scan revealed possible metastasis to bone.  I've had all my treatment at MD Anderson.  Just got back from Houston.  Scans show likely metastasis to spine, pelvis and femur.  Biopsy week after next and then treatment plan.


I've read so many uplifting stories for what appears to be a bleak diagnosis.


What should I consider platinum chemo, immunotherapy or no therapy.  Looking for thoughts from others.  BobS46


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Hello Bob .  So sad, more cancer.  In 2007 and 2009 they did biopsies   It has been 6 yrs since then. Wow.  Now more cancer.

 Are they sure it is lung cancer again in your spine, pelvis and femur?  I guess they will know

for sure when they get your biopsy results in a couple of weeks. 

Please keep us posted , 

Donna G

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my first thought is wait and see what th options are!!! then if not happy second opinion... I know time may be a factor but life and the quality are also important..

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Yours is a hard case.  Thought a lot on how to respond.  I conclude a treatment or no treatment decision is very personal.  I did not make a no treatment decision and that achieved two outcomes: extended life at the price of debilitation during treatment and chronic pain after.  Yet, for me the outcome of extra life was worth the cost.  Some I've known decline treatment and their quality of short life avoids the cost of treatment induced debilitation.  Unfortunately we share a disease with few available treatment options for late stage diagnosis.


If you choose treatment, then I'm sure the professionals at MD Anderson will help you choose between conventional chemotherapy and immunotherapy.


Having said all that, I've figured out my meaning of life since my diagnosis and extended treatment.  It is joy.  When I experience joy I am happy.  Before diagnosis, I can't recall many times in my life where I experienced joy.  After diagnosis, there are many.  So my purpose for living is to experience joy.  I spent 54 years living with few joyful experiences and more than 11 years living with many.  Cancer changed my outlook on life.  Find joy in living for either a treatment or no treatment decision.


Stay the course.



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