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Very New and Concerned


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Good Morning Good People! 


I am very new to this group and discussion board. I was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. While I am attempting to read the diagnosis with all the different terminology, I can say that It has metastasized to my liver and more recently parts of my brain. I spent a bit of time researching alternative methods (So against Chemo), from the Gerson method to medical cannibis drops. I am really looking for a holistic approach and have attempted to change my diet as well. I have been attending what I would consider a "teaching school' hospital here in Long Island, New York. With that being said, the Oncologist is just bent on (1) there is no cure, (2) chemotherapy is my only answer, and (3) this may buy me an additional three months or so on my life. I have an appointment with the radiologist next week to discuss the approach to the new nodes in my head. 


I guess my question is; am I looking to deeply into the process? Does anyone have any great solid advice or leads that I can look into? I have heard, read and seen a few survivor stories even on CNN and Al Jazeera America about the success of medical marijuana and would rather take my chances with that. Am I wrong? 



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Hello BigBrowne, 


Welcome to the group. Thank you for sharing your story.


Everyone makes different choices on their treatment options.  I have heard from some people who don't agree with their initial treatment plan from their doctor seek another opinion. You didn't mention if the doctor told you what type of lung cancer you have, however here is a link that I think might give you some good insight about treatment options. http://www.lungevity.org/about-lung-cancer/lung-cancer-101/treatment-options/treatment-options-for-non-small-cell-lung-cancer


Please keep posting and letting us know how you are doing. I look forward to getting to know you. 



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if you are curious as to what this forum offers on alternative treatment just type in alternative treatment into the search bar above. lots of great info in there about that treatment... we used to have an entire forum dedicated to that type of treatment but do not see it now... I think your doing the right thing and if you go that route let us know and keep usp osted on how things are going please.. might be an inspiration to someone else down the road!!! .

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Welcome here.  I'll take a stab at answering your questions.

  • "Am I looking to deeply into the process?"  Assume you refer to conventional and alternative treatment methods and if so, my answer would be no.  I believe information is your ally that will allow you to make important decisions about your treatment alternatives.
  • "Does anyone have any great solid advice or leads that I can look into?" Again, assume you are referring to treatment methods, then Lungevity.org is a good source of information and there are many good web-based information tools available.  Beware however those that forecast or tout a "miracle cure".  There are no miracle cures but there are miracles.  I am one having survived unsuccessful surgery, first, and second line chemotherapy.  I lived long enough for an experimental "Cyber Knife" procedure to be approved for lung cancer patients and that saved my life.  That I lived that long was indeed a miracle.  
  • "... about the success of medical marijuana...." What I've read about medical marijuana is its success in pain management.  
  • "Am I wrong?"  Only you can make the treatment decisions for your cancer so a decision you make cannot be wrong.  It may not be the decision others might make but that will not make your decision wrong. Here is some information I'd read to supplement your research into alternative cancer treatment methods: http://www.quackwatch.org/00AboutQuackwatch/altseek.html and here https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/medical-marijuana-as-the-new-herbalism-part-3-a-cannabis-cures-cancer-testimonial/

Stay connected and let us learn about your treatment decisions.



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Good Evening All, 


Thanks for all of your responses. It is very much appreciated. 


CindyA, I don't believe I was told exactly what type of Lung Cancer it is (Just another reason for a second opinion). The amazing thing about this Oncologist is that he makes a statement, then looks me in my face for a reaction. I guess he is so busy attempting to push my buttons that he is neglecting to tell me everything. 


Cheryncp123 - I believe they did a genetic testing with my blood sample in order to see if I was to take the oral chemo, and was told that I could not. Don't know if that is the same test, but, I will ask the next time I go back. 


RandyW, I appreciate the insight. I have done some research outside of these forums, and found that it is all based on an individual basis. I believe the common thread of it all is, once you make the lifestyle changes (food, prayer, excercise, etc), you cannot revert to your old ways. 


I will you all posted on my progress, and my methodology used. 


Thanks again

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Hi BigBrowne,


This is a great read about a second opinion. It motivated me to help advocate better for myself and those I love. I hope if you get a couple of minutes you can read it too. 



I look forward to your next post. 



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