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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

                                   Well thats Summer gone we are now in Autumn,I will remember 2015 as the year summer in Scotland did'nt really happen,I never even had one barbecue,thank goodness I had holidays in Gran Canaria,Tenerife,and Holland this year with Malta coming up on the 15th of September.I have checked the weather forecast for the UK next week,seems York in England will have a decent bit of weather,so Liz and I are off on Sunday for a few days.By coincidence I was just speaking to our next door neighbours,Gerry and Sally,they will be in York also next week,so we are meeting up with them on Tuesday,they have booked a table in a recommended restaurant for us in the evening,so looking forward to sharing company with them.

     Liz and I have joined a Council gym this week,the place is really good,lots of apparatus to keep us in shape including a pool,sauna and steam room.We were both given a thorough health check then a planned workout programme,which will be augmented as our fitness levels improve.The gym costs £21 per month each,unfortunately we live in North Lanarkshire the gym is in South Lanarkshire,so we have "crossed the border" LOL,locals living there over 65 get their gym membership for £51 for the year,apparently it was completely free until recently,think I am going to write to my North Lanarkshire Councillor to complain.

     We had a wee bit of extra exercise yesterday,Liz had ordered a Ton of stone chips for her back garden,so the load with dropped off at the front of the house and had to be wheelbarrowed to the back garden,unfortunately,the coverage was insufficient,so we are going to order another Ton.

 I mentioned the TCAT committee I have joined recently,I should have mentioned that TCAT stands for Transforming Care After Treatment which is made of of 26 pilot projects taking place throughout Scotland within the NHS and in local authorities.They are all testing better ways of making sure that cancer patients and their carers get all the support they need,and the lessons learned from these pilots will be used to improve cancer care across the country.At the recent meeting of the committee,I have been attached directly to 3 projects currently running in the West of Scotland,so I will let you know more about the projects as my visits commence.If you are interested you can find out more about TCAT you can go online to www.macmillan.org.uk/tcat

     Bye for now friends.

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