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First Round of Chemo down....back in the game


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Thank you all for all of the Welcomes and Welcome Backs...I'm so sad to be here but it was so comforting to see so many old familiar faces.  


Dad endured his first round of CarboTaxol one week ago today and so far has not "hit the wall", but is still waiting for the side effects to present.  The view from the seat as a daughter is far different than that as a spouse and so much has changed in treatment that I feel like this is a whole new journey, while my siblings and mother still seem to think that I may be their resident "expert".  This is not a trip down memory lane that I wanted to take, yet here I am so I come back to all of you here very humbly and ask for your prayers and your guidance with a few questions...


My father is 71 years old and suffers from COPD prior to the LC diagnosis.  He has so far avoided the assistance of oxygen for fear that he will become dependant upon it for complete breathing.  Last night he found himself extremely out of breath while repeatedly making trips to the bathroom feeling the onset effects of chemo.  I think the fear of catching his breath has made him to decide having oxygen "readily available" is going to be a necessity.  However, when he was administered his first round of chemo last Tuesday, they also administered a dose of steroids thru the IV.  The first 48 hours post chemo he felt 10 years younger.  He had a GREAT appetite and did not have to use his inhalers at all.  As expected (and remembered) the euphoria from the steroids wore off and he is back to no appetite and hard to breath.  I'm going to go with him to his next oncology appointment  but can someone remind me....will they allow him an Rx for steroids for a short period of time if it could improve the quality of life for a long family weekend getaway?  Or could that do more damage than good?


As always, thank you to everyone here and prayers to all!

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