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10 year survivor

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Tomorrow it will be 10 years ago that Henk was diagnosed. The dx was Pancoast tumor, adeno, stage IIIB. Inoperable.  His doctors thought Henk wouldn’t survive. They advised against a (possible curative) chemo/radiation treatment, because the chances of survival were very small and the chemo and radiation treatment would be very severe.  Also, they thought that Henk might be too old to survive the treatment.


However, Henk decided he had to try. The treatment was very severe indeed.  But he survived not only the treatment, but also the LC.


At the moment, Henk (81y) has some health problems, but these problems are not LC related.


The input and support we had from this LC forum was very important. It’s here that we found some HOPE. Here we learned that a pneumonia vaccination exists. This was very important for us because at the time Henk had pneumonia several times a year. It’s here that we learned a lot of other things about LC, possible treatments, medication etc.


We thank you, Katie, and all the other people who work and worked to keep this forum on the internet!


Henk and Ellen.

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Let's have a Party  !!!!!!!!!!!


I am also a Pancoast Tumor survivor.  I was diagnosed in 1997 with Stage 3 B..  Soon to celebrate 18 years of survival  !!!!


We had the same chemo and radiation.  I did end up able to have surgery, then had more chemo after.


Let the Party begin  !


Donna G

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Hi Ellen B. & Henk! 


Thank you for staying in contact in these forums. I just LOVE reading about long time survivors! :D  And thank you for the fantastic feedback. I'll be sure to send your message Katie's way. She may want to pop in and say hello too!


Please keep posting and let us know how you both are doing. 




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