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Who's there? YOU ARE! Now let's see how many people we can get to play a game:


Post 2 truths and 1 lie, we will all have to guess which is a lie!


I'll go first.


1. I have a purple belt in karate

2. I love tomatoes

3. I love pickle juice snow cones


Which do you think is a lie?

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Hi Tom,I guess you dont like cooking.

 I have actually used this before ,my descriptions are a bit more lengthy sorry.


I have appeared onstage in Glasgow's Kings Theatre in a Scottish Opera production.

I have caught a 14lb salmon on Loch Nagar.

I have shared a pint with Sir Richard Attenborough in a wee Glasgow pub

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Sorry Tom,I first appeared onstage in my high schools production of HMS Pinafore,I played the lead role as Raith Rackstraw I was aged 14,I was later at 16 appearing in a amateur operatic production about Vasco Di Gama( actually in the Kings Theatre)when our group was visited by Sir Alexander Gibson of Scottish Opera he came into our dressing room after the show,and invited some of us to join the biggest production that Scottish Opera has ever staged then and since of Boris Godinof.I got the part of a green guard,basically I wandered about the stage with a whip, beating up the cast of peasants,it was great fun,but goodness that opera went on for hours.Following that experience,I joined my local am-dram group called the Airdrie and Coatbridge Amateur Opera Society and appeared in many musicals,such as Call Me Madam,Hello Dolly,42nd Sreet,Fiddler on the Roof and Carbaret.I have a good tenor voice which I do enjoy showing off from time to time.

     What one was my fib? actually it was catching a 14Ib salmon,all lakes in Scotland are called Lochs with the exception of one which is actually called Lake of Montieth.For some reason unknown to myself Lochnaggar is not a loch at all,but a mountain???,so catching a salmon on a mountain would be well nigh impossible.

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