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A Message from Beth Stern - VP, Volunteer and Community Engagement


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"We're Number One! Won't you help us change that?


Lung cancer is the Number One cancer killer. Twice as many women every year as breast cancer. Three times as many men as prostate. Yet when's the last time you heard about lung cancer? Help us break the silence and raise critical funds for research and support!


We are LUNGevity Foundation, the largest private funder of lung cancer research and support in the United States. We were started by seven lung cancer patients with the goal of helping people live long, healthy lives following a lung cancer diagnosis. And it’s working! We’re making real progress because of the support of people like you.


There are so many ways for you to join our national movement, from super-easy and fast to longer term projects. You can do everything from making a donation online to bringing information to your local hospitals to recruiting local businesses to do a charity night to creating your own event in your community to raise awareness and funding for lung cancer. We can tailor an opportunity for your time, energy, and resources… it’s easy! And we’ve got lots of tools to help you succeed.


The first step is to e-mail Beth Ida Stern, our VP of Volunteer and Community Engagement, at bstern@lungevity.org. Beth will help you identify how we can partner to increase the survivorship of lung cancer. It's simple, easy, and painless... we promise!


Whether you've been directly affected by lung cancer, or just want to make a difference in our fight against the Number One cancer killer, joining the LUNGevity family is a great way to contribute, heal, soothe, and connect. Whether you’re an individual or a group, an adult or a kid, live in a big city or a rural area, we have an opportunity that’s perfect for you.


We’re Number One… and with your help, we’re changing that reality. Join our national movement today for all of our families and for everyone who’s been affected by lung cancer.


Join our family today! We make it easy... you make it real."


Beth Ida Stern
VP, Volunteer and Community Engagement
o: 323.380.5394

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