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Lung biospy results

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it has been a world wind for a month now and I just got my biospy results from my surgeon tonite. He said the report says no suspicion of cancer although he still wants to remove my lower right live due to a 2 2 cm nodule. He says it still could be cancer and he wants it out regardless. Has anyone experience this? Why eould the biospy indicate no cancer then? I agree that I want it out too but it still may be cancer??? Having the surgery next week.

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Welcome here.


It is indeed a strange circumstance.  Normally after a biopsy a pathologist generates a report.  Ask for a copy (your surgeon's office staff should be able to quickly get you a copy), then take it to an oncologist and ask for clarification.  I've never heard of a situation where a tumor was not cancer and a surgeon still wanted to remove a lung.  


Something does not add up.

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Hi alwayssunny,


Welcome to the Lung Cancer Support Community Boards!


I agree with Tom. Something does not add up. 


I always tell my friends and family what I'm about to tell you...if you feel that something isn't right, please speak up right away and if you have to, walk out. Please let us know what you decide. 


http://ow.ly/T5P7H This link is an article that helped me to be a better advocate for myself. I hope you will read it before you make a decision. 


Thinking of you!

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