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Daddy just diagnosed with lung cancer, which has matastasized to his liver and bones


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My daddy was diagnosed Thursday with lung cancer which has matastasized to his liver and bones. The liver nodules on his liver are protruding from his liver and stick out like a hernia. He has had a bad cough for awhile now and finally let me take him to the emergency room Thursday because he has been spitting blood constantly. The CT scan showed he cancer. He was let go from his job in March as a risk manager for two casinos for the past 18 years. He has been unemployed since and has no insurance. He's only 58. I can't lose my daddy. The oncologist will be coming in today to give the results from he biopsy they did Friday on the large tumor on his lung. His lung is partially collapsed from the tumor also. I need guidance. I know it doesn't sound good. I have done research to familiarize myself and it's scaring me to death. Please. Someone give me advice or guidance. Thank you.

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So to hear about your Dad.  I live in Minnesota now but I have lived twice in Gautier , Ms  and also twice in La.

I saw all those casinos being built. 

I am glad he is seeing an Onocologist and hopefully a social worker to get some coverage and begin treatment quickly.

Having lung cancer is bothe physically and emotionally challenging.  I hope you can be with him through this.

It can be very important to have someone go with you to appointments and take notes.  When your upset you can not

remember everything.  Also the treatments can have side affects that may make it wise not to drive.

There is lots of info on this site,

Please keep us posted on how he is doing.  He may respond well to the treatment, I pray this will be.


Donna G

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Hi Eaw820, 

I understand that you feel overwhelmed. You are doing the right thing by reaching out and trying to find answers for him.

Please keep us posted on what the Oncologist reports. Is there a Nurse Navigator or a Social Worker who you can connect with? Sometimes they have information on resources closest to you. They can also help you understand what is going on better and help you and your dad understand treatment options. 


I know you mentioned that he is out of work and doesn't have insurance, so I am including a link below that lists some resources that may help. LUNGevity's website has a wealth of information, however I think this specific link will be a good start http://www.lungevity.org/support-survivorship/survivor-resource-center/practical-resources-for-survivors

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Your dad may be between the rock and hard place but it is your job to move the rock.  Read everything you can about lung cancer.  Start here - http://www.lungevity.org/about-lung-cancer/lung-cancer-101 then Google the specifics.  Write down his and your questions.  Attend each consultation and ensure your questions are answered.  Take notes.  Ensure the doctor explains medical terms you don't understand. 


You've got decisions to make and they need to be informed decisions.


If you are comfortable, let us know what the doctor tells you.  Someone here will have insight and information based on the doctor's information.


Stay the course.



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Your dad should qualify for social security disability or Medicaid. A stage 4 diagnosis usually means that he should be quickly approved for SSD but there's a six month wait. In the meanwhile do talk to the social worker in his oncology department they will help with midi aid application process.

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