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Choosing Doctors

Tom Galli

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I was asked a simple question the other day: "how did you choose your oncologist?"  My answer, after an embarrassing pause, was I didn't.


When diagnosed, I had no idea what an oncologist was.  Likely, I couldn't have spelled the word.  My exposure to medicine was limited to visits with my general practitioner where we'd discuss investment opportunities, automobiles, calculating hydraulic head pressure on pumps, almost anything but medicine.  He is more friend than physician.


The evening after hospital admission for coughing up blood, perhaps the most frightening day of my life, my general practitioner said he'd selected the specialists to battle my lung cancer.  He noticed my puzzled expression when he said oncologist and clarified with "cancer doctor."


In this world of medical complexity, the role of general practitioner is often under appreciated. His tenure in practice gives insight into the world of medical specialities; he knows the best from the rest.  He also knows my temperament, medical history, and diagnosis complexity.  Merging insight and patient knowledge yielded the team that saved my life.


Mine was an accidental solution.  On reflection, my answer should have been: cultivate a good relationship with your general practitioner.

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No.  Lungevity, organizationally,  doesn't suggest doctors or hospitals.  We sponsor research and advocate for those with lung cancer.  Here are the particulars:  http://www.lungevity.org/about-us/memberships-alliances


This site is a worldwide organization.  I've encountered people from China, Cambodia, United Kingdom, Peru, and many of the 50 US states.  If you want a prospective on lung cancer providers, tell us where you live in one of the forum topics and someone might have a recommendation.


Stay the course.



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No.  Lungevity, organizationally,  doesn't suggest doctors or hospitals.  We sponsor research and advocate for those with lung cancer.  Here are the particulars:  http://www.lungevity.org/about-us/memberships-alliances




Hello Tom,


I understood the goals and terms of you and lungevity. My concern was that I know some of the doctors who are serving in the cancer field. So may I recommend their name here?


BTW I am happy that you are helping too many people and doing a noble work.

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Hi Diane, 


If you would like to email me the doctors information that you have, a staff member of LUNGevity can reach out to them and talk about our services and how we might connect in the near future. My email is calmendarez@lungevity.org 


Thank you for being an active member of LUNGevity's Lung Cancer Support Community message boards. 



Cindy Almendarez

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