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Do you have your LUNGevity Foundation "Bandy" wristband yet?

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In anticipation of November/Lung Cancer Awareness Month ‪#‎LCAM15‬ in THREE DAYS we will be launching several initiatives that we will announce November 1! Do you have your LUNGevity Foundation "Bandy" wristband yet? 
Email us for one FREE wristband, only catch? You have to send us a pic of yourself or someone you know wearing it! 
Email your name and mailing address to [email protected]
Let us know if you or someone you know is a survivor- Please SHARE


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I've had a "Bandy" for 7 years now.  It is not the original one I received as I am known to give them away to others when the need arises.  I've had conversations with survivors and care givers looking for support/encouragement and I have given them the band off my wrist.  I tell them that this organization is an excellent resource for them and can tell they appreciate the gesture.  I recently gave away my last "Bandy" and felt so lost without one - it has become a part of me that reminds me of my journey and the support I received from Katie and others here.  Fortunately I just received a new batch of "Bandys" and am proudly wearing one, ready to give it away when the right time comes.  If you look closely, you can see my "Bandy" on my left wrist!




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