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Maitake mushrooms/Angiogenesis


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This research indicates that maitake actually increases VEGF, which would be a negative thing for cancer patients. I don't know if the immune response outweighs the risk for increased angiogenesis/migration(mets)though.


Cancer Lett. 2001 Oct 30;172(2):193-8

Effects of maitake (Grifola frondosa) D-Fraction on the carcinoma


Matsui K, Kodama N, Nanba H.

Department of Microbial chemistry, Kobe Pharmaceutical University, 19-

1, Motoyama-kitamachi 4-chome, Higashinada-ku, 658-8558, Kobe, Japan.

We have reported that D-Fraction extracted from maitake (Grifola

frondosa), activates immune competent cells, and indicates anti-tumor

activities. The D-Fraction was observed to induce angiogenesis in

vivo and to enhance the proliferation capability and migration

capability of human vascular endothelial cell in vitro. The D-

Fraction also increased plasma vascular endothelial growth factor

(VEGF) concentration significantly. Also VEGF and TNF-alpha

production by the activated peritoneal macrophages were enhanced.

These results suggest that the anti-tumor activity of the D-Fraction

is not only associated with the activation of the immuno-competent

cells but also possibly related to the carcinoma angiogenesis


PMID: 11566496

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