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Spoke to a news anchor today


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Spoke to a news anchor today here in my area. She sounded very sweet and genuinly interested in our fight for L/C awareness and the REVLON boycott. The only glitch here is that REVLON is not having a Run/Walk in Dallas and in fact we don't even have a production site here, so how can the REVLON boycott story be relevent to this metroplex news area?

I was alittle disheartened, but began to talk personally about my dad, this site and you folks as a support system and how we don't have an L/C support group where I am from. She logged into the site and said she would check things out. Perhaps there is a story...right here...about all of us, she said. Maybe.

It's a long-shot but I am praying for some exposure for L/C survivors and their families. I find I do that alot lately. More exposure = more funding and perhaps someday (sooner than later, I pray) a CURE.

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