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Shingles Vaccine??


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My 2 year old came down with chicken pox over the weekend. I left a message for our oncology nurse and she called and left a message to say it's not a bad idea for my step dad to get the shingles vaccine. I'm getting conflicting information, however. I can't seem to get confirmation that shingles can be triggered by exposure to chicken pox, and the CDC website says cancer patients should not be vaccinated. Has anyone had any experience with this?

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My reading suggests that shingles is a phenomena that stems from the patient's childhood episode, not contact with someone currently exposed.  I have no direct experience however.  I did get a shingles vaccination but well after my treatment ended.


I would pose a specific question to his oncologist and weight heavily the opinion of the treating oncologist.


Stay the course.



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If your dad is actively being treated he should not have a shot. It needs to wait until he has not had recent chemo. An adult can still catch chicken pox but they are more likely to develop shingles if exposed.

Remember a couple years ago Barbara Walters missed some days on the View because at 80 something she caught chicken pox.

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Shingles is reactivation of the chicken pox virus that has already been in a persons body. Once you have had chickenpox you are at risk for developing shingles if your body is under stress/immune system is low. You can get chicken pox from shingles(if you have never had them) but you can't get shingles from someone with shingles as long as you are immune to chickenpox. not sure if this is really clear but bottom line is if you are exposed to chicken pox/shingles you are protected if you have had chickenpox.

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