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Newly diagnosed with Lung Cancer


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I was diagnosed with cancer a couple days ago.   I'm so new into the process, that I'm not sure what stage I'm in.   I'm hoping to get as much info as I can as I move through the process.    I ran into your site and it seems like a great site with lots of good info.


Some background on my condition:  


My diagnosis came through after a PET scan revealed:

    Spiculated left upper lung nodule demonstrates mild increased uptake with maximum SUV of 3.8.

Nothing was identified in any of my nodes and organs, and the rest of the analysis has a lot of wording around normal uptake.  


The PET scan was ordered after my pulmonologist saw an increase in size of one nodule  from my 2013 CT and 2015 CT scans.   The nodules grew from 1.2 x 0.7  to 1.4 x 1.0 x 2.6cm

I have a consult with a Thorassic Surgeon next week to see if a Wedge Resection is an option (I've got moderate COPD, so there's some concerns whether I'd be able to handle the surgery).
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Hello , Glad you found us.  You say you have one nodule that has enlarged in your Left Upper Lung.

That sounds like it could be an early diagnosis. 

You did not say that they biopsied anything.  Usually this is true test if it is cancer.

If you don't qualify for surgery because of your COPD there are other great treatments now a days.

Great new radiation treatments and of course Chemo.

Even surgeries today are less traumatic that years ago.

Please keep us posted on what your plan is and how you are doing.

Hope you have family or close friends that can go with you and take notes at the doctor visits.


Keep us posted.


Donna G

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You're right.  No biopsy as of yet, although that's one of the options if the wedge resection isn't recommended as the go forward strategy.  Only other nodule is a 2mm calcified one that was present in each of the last two CT scans. 


Will definitely have family there for the consult and along the way.    

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What the doctor said after an appointment? Are you not clear with stages of lung cancer?
The cancer is located only in the lungs and has not spread to any lymph nodes in stage I, when the cancer is in the lung and nearby lymph nodes in stage II, where cancer is found in the lung and in the lymph nodes in the middle of the chest, also described as locally advanced disease stage III.  
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I spoke with a Thorassic Surgeon last week.  He's working with my Pulmonologist to get my most recent PFT test, and assuming that checks out, then he's recommending we move forward with a Wedge Resection ASAP in January.   Hoping to have things lined up perhaps as soon as later this week. 


While the Surgeon isn't an Oncologist, his opinion is that I'm at Stage 1A.

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Hi amaken, 

Welcome to the Lung Cancer Support Community message boards, I'm glad you found us. This is a great place to get advice from people who know what you are going through or helped care for someone in a similar situation. I'm not sure if you have had the chance to do some research, here is a great link to familiarize yourself with staging and what it means. http://www.lungevity.org/about-lung-cancer/lung-cancer-101/lung-cancer-staging If you would like 1 on 1 support please let me know. The LifeLine program connects you with a personal mentor who can talk to you about what you are going through or can email you. 


I look forward to getting to know you,


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