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newly diagnosed and looking for answers


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It is my experience that the word normal almost never applies to lung cancer.  A medical oncologist is the quarterback of your treatment team but as test results reveal the type and stage of your lung cancer, others will likely joint the fight.  Have you had a biopsy yet?  Lung cancer comes in different types, and importantly, a treatment plan (including surgery) cannot be devised until your type and stage of lung cancer is known. Here is a link to get you read in to your disease.  Pay particular attention to your doctor's explanation of stage and type at your next consult - http://www.lungevity.org/about-lung-cancer/lung-cancer-101


As for trials, I would think the type and sage would need to be determined before a decision could be made to include you in one.  At my treatment center, there was always a discussion about trials and literature was available to read about them.  But, I would think it premature at this time to mention a trial.


You'll have many questions and feel free to ask away.  Many here have been where you are today, and guess what?  We're still here!


Stay the course. 



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Options for surgery include the following, depending upon the size and position of the tumor in the chest: 

Lobectomy, which involves removal of one lobe of the lung.

Segmentectomy (the removal of an anatomical division of one lobe) or wedge resection (the removal of a non-anatomically defined area of lung around the tumor) may be considered in some patients with a small tumor of 2 cm or smaller. This form of surgery may also be favored for some people who could not tolerate conventional lobectomy. This might happen in a person whose lungs do not work well.

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Hi Donna, 


You may want to start with this link so you will be ready with some questions to ask your doctor(s) that others found useful. http://www.lungevity.org/support-survivorship/asking-right-questions

Please ask any questions you may have here in the LCSC message boards as well. We are here for you. 


I look forward to getting to know you. 



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Donna how are you doing?  Did the Oncologist start chemo or

are you waiting to find a clinical trial?

Did you do alright with the holidays?


Hope you are able to update us on how things are going.


Donna G

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