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Let's talk about caregiving!


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Let's talk about caregiving! 
Join us tomorrow on our monthly ‪#‎lungcancer‬ caregiver Twitter Chat.‪#‎YourJourneyTogether‬ ‪#‎SeekingHelp‬
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Lets talk about Caregiving!

Topic: Seeking Help

One of the biggest challenges in asking for help is taking that first step.

Given everything else a caregiver is focused on while caring for their loved one, seeking help can relieve stress and some of the pressures of caregiving.

Join LUNGevity for our monthly 1 hr

Lung Cancer Caregiver Twitter Chat

Date: Wednesday January 6

Time: 5pm Pacific/7pm Central/8pm Eastern

This chat is open to lung cancer caregivers, patients, survivors, and professionals.

We will discuss seeking help from family members, friends, and professionals.  Ask questions, share ideas and tips that worked for you and challenges to watch out for.

Are you a patient seeking help for your caregiver?  This chat is for you too.

We will talk about ways to get organized and practical resources and tips you can use in your caregiving.


Twitter Chat tips:

A great online tool for Twitter chat participation is http://www.tchat.io/

Just log into your Twitter account from this site and then enter our chat hashtag #LCCaregiver

You'll be able to follow right along and read everyones tweets, retweets, likes and replies!




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