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Tarceva and Xalkori


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I had about a 5 month course of Tarceva in concert with Taxol Carboplatin.  Then, Tarceva was covered but my copay amounted to about $600 per month.  Insurance covered $2,400 of that cost.  


I'm not sure my adverse reactions are typical because I also suffered side effects with Taxol Carboplatin.  But the new side effects I believe stemmed from Tarceva include acute face, head and neck acne-like eruptions and extreme gastrointestinal problems.  Tarceva had no effect against my tumor and I now know why.  I had squamous cell and Tarceva only works on a subset of adenocarcinoma patients.  I took the Tarceva at a time before genetic testing was done on biopsied lung cancer tissue.


I have no experience with Xalkori.


Stay the course.



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I was only on Tarceva for 16 days and experienced an acute rash on my face, neck and upper chest. I started taking it every 3rd day, but was told to stop it all together by the oncologist as the rash just kept getting worse. I don't know about the other drug. My insurance did cover the cost of a 30 day supply ($7126.00) no out of pocket to me.


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