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New CT enrolling now- Atezolizumab (Stage IV Squamous)


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HI All,

Here is information on two new clinical trials that are recruiting.  Please feel free to share this link to make others aware! 



Currently Recruiting for these two Atezolizumab Trials:

IMpower 110 (GO29431):

A Comparative Study of Atezolizumab With Cisplatin or Carboplatin + Pemetrexed in Patients With Stage IV Non-Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).

This randomized, open-label study will evaluate the safety and efficacy of Atezolizumab compared with treatment with a platinum-based regimen (carboplatin or cisplatin per investigator discretion) + pemetrexed in PD-L1-selected, chemotherapy-naive patients with Stage IV NSCLC.


IMpower 111 (GO29432):

A Study of Atezolizumab Compared With Gemcitabine + Cisplatin or Carboplatin in Patients With Stage IV Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

This randomized, open-label study is designed to evaluate and compare the safety and efficacy of Atezolizumab compared with treatment with gemcitabine + cisplatin or carboplatin in patients with chemotherapy-naive, Stage IV squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

For information about the trials online:  http://www.antipdl1clinicaltrials.com/hcp/antiPDL1_clinical_trial_info/lung-cancer


To Contact the Genentech Trial Information Support Line:


Phone: 1-888-662-6728  (US and Canada only)
Hours of Operation: 6am - 3pm PST Monday – Friday

Email Address: [email protected]

Arin Assero

Senior Director, Global Stakeholder Relations

Cullari Communications Global

[email protected]


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