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Dear God...


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I'm writting to say I'm sorry for being angry yesterday .

When you seemed to ignore my prayers and things didn't go my way.

First my car broke down, I was very late for work. I spilt my last cup of coffee and my boss was such a jerk. Upon struggling through that day a stranger told me I had missed an accident...Was that your handy work??

I found a house I loved and others got there first... getting financing was a struggle and was told my credit scores "the worst"!! Feeling sad and angry till I heard the pipes had burst!

Yesterday I found the "perfect" dress but the color was too pale....Today I found the dress in Red and it was marked ON SALE!!!

I know your watching over me and I am trully blessed....for know matter what will happen our faith is sure the test.... You always have a plan for me and always know whats best...

Happiness comes through doors you've forgotten you left open.

Peace,health and blessings to all,


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Very good -- and I think just the way we should talk to God. I'm sorry to hear about your breakup with your boyfriend. Hugs to you. Sometimes life just really sucks.

Remember in the story it was good that she didn't get the dress that was too pale, because a more perfect one popped up on sale.

Maybe this boyfriend was the "too pale" one and God has a special one who will truly deserve you waiting for you to find him "on clearance" when you are ready.

(((Hugs, Laurie))))


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OK, Laurie, I must confess-I started reading your post and thinking, 'wow, Laurie had one heck of a day :? .....wait, everything rhymes :oops: ...........duuuhhhhh :roll: I am an idiot.'

Once again I confirm the reason that my parents called me a "literal child", I have proven, once again, that point....DuhduhDeb

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