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Diflucan Infussion


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Hi Folks,

I had a Diflucan IV today, which kills candida in the body. As I mentioned before, everyone has candida in their body; however, various illnesses cause the yeast to over grow. Some are curious as to how candida is diagnosed. A wet and dry microscopy of my blood was done, which indicated an overgrowth of the yeast in my blood sample. No side effects from the I.V. that I am aware of. I feel fine. I talked to an RN getting an infussion herself yesterday and asked her opinion on the embolism issue. She said, "no, that couldn't happen because of the H2o2. This could occur if air got in the line running the I.V. though." Also a man with testicular cancer who was getting a drip, overheard our conversation. He stated that he had actually "died in 1999" from a bad reaction to chemo. His entire body turned blue! His cancer spread to his lungs and liver. He has been getting these treatments to boost his immune system and is still here, very much alive! I would never advocate to anyone to abandon traditional cancer treatments, but the body can only take so much chemo and radiation. This is why this treatment is called complimentary and alternative medicine. For some people, who chose no treatment because their cancer is too far advanced, this would also be a viable option.



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