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Tarceva and Avastin

Kelly Marie

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Just started this duo of medicines, looking for someone who has experienced these together already or is just beginning like me. I was diagnosed early December'15 with Stage IV. I feel terrific, mostly due to many prayers, a change of diet, and choosing to be positive. I'm hoping and praying for the best outcome of course. Don't want to be one of those stats.

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Kelly Marie,


Welcome here!


Choosing to be positive is so very important.  I discovered this while reading a blog 8 years ago and it was life saving for me.  A radiologist diagnosed at stage IV was in treatment enduring the same side effects as I did but he was swimming laps everyday, involved with his children, and enjoying life.  I was depressed and bitching and moaning about side effects.  Then I thought, what's the difference here.  He's enjoying himself and I'm not.  From that day, I realized I could change my attitude towards treatment and life.  Just a simple decision was all that was required. 


I now believe if one chooses treatment, one is choosing life and one can choose to enjoy the life treatment provides.  Good outcomes come from positive attitude.


I had Tarceva but in the early days before doctors knew why it worked.  Testing for genetic mutations was not discovered for years after Tarceva was FDA approved.  Doctors now know that Tarceva targets the EGFR mutation that is present in some subtypes of NSCLC.  But, it wasn't present in my type.  Nevertheless, I've read very good reports for folks who take it when their tumor has the EGFR mutation.


Here is Dr. Sequist's video on lung cancer mutations posted in Lungevity's Lung Cancer In the News section of our forum.  



Stay the course.



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Hi Kelly Marie, 

Welcome to the Lung Cancer Support Community. I'm happy to read that you are feeling well and have a positive outlook. Please feel free to ask questions, or just vent if need be, We are here for you. Please watch these inspiring survivor videos http://www.lungevity.org/support-survivorship/survivor-resource-center/survivor-stories  They are full of HOPE!



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