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dad starts treatments on wednesday. say a prayer for us.


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Hi!!! i hope everyone is having a good evening. i just wanted to let everyone know that my dad is beginning his radiation treatments on tuesday and his chemo treaments on thurday. he is so ready to start treaments and fighting this disease. i did find out that he has nsclc but i don't know what particular type. i will still have to do some detective work. please say a prayer for him and us. thanks. tracy

my son, ryan , who is 7 wants to send a message to you also!!!!


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I know how relieved your dad is to be starting treatment.The waiting was one of the hardest things for me to deal with.I got diagnosed during the holidays and it seemed it took forever to get the ball rolling.Once it did begin,though,it felt like I had a booster shot of determination and support from this site.Remember to have him visit here often and read.Nothing in the world can keep your spirits lifted like the people in here.Tell your son that tons of prayers are going out for Papa.TBone and family.

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Good Luck to your Dad. My mother just finished her first round of chemo and radiation, and I was shocked at how well she handled it. It is very scary for the family members when treatment begins, or at least it was for me. But my mother, and so many people I have talked to (on this site and elsewhere) have really good luck with it all. So good luck, and hopefully your dad will be as well as my mom has been dusring her first round.

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Tracy & Ryan,

Glad to hear that your dad is wanting to go head on with his treatments. Ryan, your Papa and your family are in my prayers. God is watching over all of us. I am sure you are a special grandson and will do all you can do to help mom with grandpa. Just try and make grandpa and mom laugh as much as you can. Tell them funny jokes or draw fun pictures for them...

God Bless and Gentle hugs to you... 8)8)8)


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