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first time here, need some input please


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after discovering a mass on my lung received a bronchoscopy on Friday, last week.  after which my doctor said it was attached to a blood vessel and if he tried to biopsy it would bleed out.  also that there was nothing they could do in Victorville hospitals for it. said I would have to go to a hospital of "higher care". can anyone give me any info on what to expect from here.  I have an apt with this doctor this week but am very nervous.  I am 68. and since august of 2015, I have copd, on home oxygen, discovered 85% blockage in my heart.  would not take any kind of open surgery due to heart and copd.  I may be the tortoise right now, but I am not a quitter.  appreciate any feedback,

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I'm not a doctor but from your description and what I know about lung cancer, I think your doctor who performed the bronchoscopy is implying is you'll need a surgical biopsy to discover the identity of the mass, that is, to determine if it is cancer or not.  But, with your weak heart, surgery may not be possible.  So, he is recommending you go to a larger hospital that is equipped to deal with folks with complicated problems.


From what you report, we don't know if the mass is cancer or not.  A biopsy would answer that question and also identify the type of cancer, if cancerous.  A PET scan would identify if the mass is cancerous, but not identify the type.  Confused?  Here is a good link to read into the disease: http://www.lungevity.org/about-lung-cancer/lung-cancer-101


I'd start with the section titled: Diagnosing Cancer.  Then I'd read the Types of Lung Cancer followed by Lung Cancer Staging.  If the mass is cancer, the doctors need to know the Type and the Stage before they can design a treatment plan.


You'll have many questions and you are most welcome to ask away.  A lot of folks here have been exactly where you are now.


Stay the course.



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Hi DB!  I'm sorry about all you are dealing with right now and hope you have found some answers.  I too lived in Victorville Ca before moving to Illinois.  My husband's oncologist in Victorville was Dr. Nandish.  Do you have the same one?  He was not very helpful to us as far as explaining any options that my husband had.  I hope you don't have the same one :(  


Please let us know how you are doing ((hugs))

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I had a pet scan on a mass in my lung that lit up a small amount.  Now they want to do a needle biopsy.  I don't think I can handle the pain of that..  I am writing here because I couldn't find anywhere to actually type in the introduce yourself section.  So two questions:
1.  Where do I type general questions?
2.  Can someone who has experienced a needle biopsy for a lung mass please share their experience.  Were they allowed a mild sedative?  How much pain was it? 
3.  Is there anyone who refused a needle biopsy because of pain and fear of pain?  What other options were offered?  What were pros and cons?

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We found you and welcome!


First to answer your site navigation questions.  This applies to all of our forum categories (Introduce Yourself, Share Your Lung Cancer Story, General, LC Survivors and etc.)  Choose a category in blue font.  Click on it and notice the dark blue box with the words "Start New Topic".  When you click on that box, a blog page opens with space for a Topic Title, tags (optional) and a place to type text.  So say your are a NSCLC [non-small cell lung cancer] survivor and want to blog your concerns in that forum, you'd select NSCLC Group.  But, we found you!


Pain from a needle biopsy?  Yes I was given a local and the amount of anesthetic depends on how deep they need to go to obtain the sample.  I didn't feel any pain but I didn't enjoy the process either and looked away.  I've also had a needle biopsy where they needed to go deeper and I was administered gas plus a local to make me compliant (and comfortable).  There was pain after either procedure.


I even had a local once when doctors had to cut a new chest tube opening in my back.  I didn't feel a thing.


It is important to communicate your fear of pain to the doctors that are performing the process.  There is no reason I can think of why doctors would want to make you as comfortable as possible during this procedure.


I've never refused a needle biopsy because the product of the biopsy defines the type of cancer I had (have).  Typing cancer is very important because different types respond to different drugs or procedures.  Here is a good resource on cancer types - https://www.lungevity.org/about-lung-cancer/lung-cancer-101/types-of-lung-cancer


OBTW - a good way to see if someone has responded to your blog is to select the View New Content text in white font on blue background.  This opens a summary of all new blogs or the latest responder to an existing blog.  Indeed, it is the way I found your questions.


Stay the course.



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