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Few Travel Grants (Paid for Accomadations) still available for HOPE Summit

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I can't imagine someone not doing this. Unfortunately, this is my 6 months CT and etc. check up. I wish Katie, I could go. Some very special people ready to be part of this Hope Summit. I just have Tom Galli's scanxiety. Can't pronounce it, but know it. My post surgical cough has gotten so bad I need a broncho dialator. My surgeon's staff ignored my issue. If I find out it wasn't surgical ready but a pulminologist should have seen me.... I'll start a new movement.

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I'm hacking also.  Happens every spring and fall when the pollen settles in.  My "cut up" airway gets so irritated I just end up spending the best days in Texas indoors.


My doc's advised me to hit my combivent inhaler before I go outside.  That seems to help.


You've got to make that 6 month CT.  I can't make this year's DC summit either.  We booked a cruise before we learned the summit dates and so perhaps we'll go together next year.


Stay the course.



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