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Mondays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

                                   Its been a while since I posted here,thought I would give you a wee update on my goings on in my neck of the woods.First off,my daughter Jennifer tells me I am to be a grandad ,provisionally booked for 24th Oct LOL.I am so knocked out by this news,something since my dx I feared I might never see,is'nt life wonderful?.Liz'es grandson has just whetted my appetite to have my very own grandchild,Parker is now 15 months old and is just so happy every time he visits,such fun to be with too.Not long back from a wee holiday in Spain,Puerto Banus in the Costa del Sol region,we spent some time house hunting there too,we looked at a place we discovered  in You Tube called Puerto de la Duquesa,so we just had to pay it a visit since it was quite near our hotel ,we were'nt disappointed,the town was quite beautiful.We also visited Marbella and a town called Estepona.Finding a apartment to buy in Marbella is out of the question,that is until I win the Euromillions Lottery,however Estepona is such a lovely place we intend to focus our search for a property in that area.As I may have shared with you my daughter has moved into the family home and has successfully taken out a mortgage  on it,due to some little legal items I wont realise my share of the equity until mid June (my solicitor describes that approximation would be a good result,his previous forecast to me last December was 4 weeks to completion,so I am not holding my breath for June).Liz and I intend to return to Spain to resume a apartment hunt in Estepona as soon as.

       Seems my life   revolves around holidays now,we are looking forward to some decent spring weather to get out and about with our campervan,its only two berth,but its just super fun to spend time with.On my advocacy front with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Org,through them I was invited to give a presentation to some volunteers for the MacMillan Cancer Org,last year in Glasgows Mitchell Library,I did enjoy the occassion,the work these volunteers do is just so worthwhile,well it seems I passed muster,they have invited me back on the 10th of May to give another presentation.So thinking caps on I really dont want to bore everyone with repetiton.

         Looking forward to hearing you are all getting on,bye.


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