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primary tumors in both lungs


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I went to Er for chest pain on january 18, 2016. on 19th I had a mild heart attack. 90% block and put a stent on RCA. They didn't tell me anything about 2cmm mass in my right lung. Week later due to uncomfortably I called 911 and was taken to another hospital. Took care of my stent and told me I have a mass on my lung and suggest me to follow up with pulmonary dr. I had no  symptom of lung cancer. Though I was a long time smoker.

week later  I had my CT scan and found  right lung has about 3cm primary mass   left lung has also about the same size primary mass. 

In Pet scan both tumors lit up  in different level of SYVmax and also .9cm right lower para tracheal lymph node is present with SUVmax of 2.7cm . Both tumors turned out to be   NSCLC  Adenocarcinoma  in biopsy. 


My thoracic surgeon first didnot see it anything serious. thought 2nd tumor is cavitary fungal mass .  But after 2nd biopsy result she order bronchoscopy  for para tracheal lymph node. She still thinks that the cancers are in primary stage. 

Its been long time since the mass was detected on X ray. I am worried thinking that the cancers might go out of control. TS assured me it wont.

In Sloan Kettering web sites say if two lungs have tumors it must me stage 4.

I am in this forum for quite a while. Reading lots of posting to find similarity. And came across many survivor, and seems to be expert in this field.

Any thought regarding my case would be greatly appreciated 

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Many of us have experience as cancer survivors although few want to be know as experts.....


Well you've got a complicated case apparently and it is time, my view, to get the right kind of doctor working on your team - a medical oncologist.  Thoracic surgeons and pulmonologist have a role to play in lung cancer but it is a specialty role.  Your team captain of lung cancer treatment should (must) be a medical oncologist.  I'd take your scans, test reports and other data and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.


You'll have many questions and as you've stated, many here can provided suggestions.


Stay connected as you go through your diagnostic shuffle.


Stay the course.



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Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for answering. I apologize for this belated response. I read so many posts of yours before and consider  you as very knowledgeable in this 

field.  I came from other country so my English  is not good,and have very limited relative who are not very helpful.. I cant find any mentor who can guide me through this journey. 

As you stated that I need a medical oncologist immediately. Can you or any one in this forum suggest a good oncologist in NYC.

I'm not very happy with my TS. She is taking too long, in my understanding, to do the tests. I only get her only one day a week . My primary doctor also some sort of not giving much importance in my case.

I might be sounded complaining. I am very scared because thing does nor moving fast as it is needed to be , I guess.

I have my CT done on FEB 10, still my staging has not been determined  let alone treatment plan . I'm worried whether it has metastasize on other organ already.

Bronchoscopy is on Wednesday but I cant get to my TS before following Tuesday. Thats the  day she comes to Mt. Sinai hospital. Meaning another week after tests. I dont feel good about it. Should I go to Sloan Kettering. I heard they are good in cancer treatment.

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MY thoracic surgeon is good but she is taking too much time for test and consultation.

Bronchoscopy was done on 04/13. But I cannot get to her until 04/26 because she is going somewhere. I don't feel comfortable. 

I was totally asymptomatic. But after bronchoscopy  I develop many symptom like cough, chest pain.  Besides cancer is not just sitting there its growing, I dont know how fast. I'm worried. 

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Unfortunately, I can't help with a medical oncology practitioner recommendation for Sloan Kettering.  Anyone out there have an a New York City Memorial Sloan Kettering medical oncologist recommendation?


If you have a good relationship with your GP, I'd ask your GP for one.


Stay the course.



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