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Radiation and chemotherapy finished


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Have completed my radiation and chemo for

Local recurrence. I now have a lot of pain

Swallowing, medications not doing much...have

Also noticed more shortness of breath, chest

Discomfort and back pain. I believe this is

Normal but hope it ends soon..it's Bern two

Weeks since last treatment. Anyone else have

These side effects? Just hoping it gets rid

Of the chest nodes...MM

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Unfortunately Merilee, yes - I've had those symptoms after radiation or chemo.  Medications didn't help me much either during treatment but the symptoms did wane somewhat in about a month.


Some effects unfortunately linger to this day.  These are radiation dermatitis and taxol toes (foot pain and burning toes).  First line treatment side effects vary from person to person so you should monitor them and if after say about a month, report them to your doctor.


And, yes, I hope your treatment fries your chest nodes.


Stay the course.



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Slippery Elm, Thick it, and Manuka honey.

It helped my dh. who suffered from throat problems but not due to radiation.

He couldn't swallow without choking and couldn't speak without coughing.

One of the things that got him was the life support breathing tube.


Hugs to you

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I experience much of the same, if I stay active and keep my awareness on my breath which from concern me the most. The rest is manageable at worst at best unaware of the nerve pain.

My best wishes

Chris 47

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