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I am a patient survivor


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Hi everyone

I am a patient lung cancer survivor. My last chemo and irradiation were in last July and my surgery was in October. They did me a right lobectomy. It's a long and hard year 2015/2016 but the mood of fight is always here. The convalescent is too a big fight to learn how to breath correctly with one and half lungs. Thanks God for everything I am living. Finding help and support among you will be a big gift for me. I am here too for any support. With my pleasure :)

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Hello ane welcome Fatine.  Glad you found us .  I have traveled your road of chemo and radiation.

Later able to have surgery and  I also had more chemo after surgery.  That road started for me in Dec of 1997.

I am still alive and breathing.   I pray you also have wonderful results. 

Hope you are on high ground.  The news says the Texans are getting record breaking amounts of rain.

Have you got friends and family around to help you in your recovery ?   Please keep us posted on how

things are doing and how you are coping.


Donna G

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Let me join Donna with welcoming you here.  I'm a Texan also and I know how bad things are with flooding in Houston.  I hope you are not effected.


I adapted pretty quickly to breathing with just one lung after my surgery.  What changed for me was Texas pollen after surgery.  I've had asthma symptoms in the spring and fall that are likely due to the irritated airway caused by surgery.  Other than that, I'm fine.


Look forward to hearing more about you.


Stay the course.



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Hi Fantine, Welcome to LCSC,I had a upper right lobectomy in which I lost almost half my upper lung.I do find climbing stairs and inclines can leave me a bit breathless but other than that I live a healthy and happy life.Some years ago following my surgery in January 2009 I joined a gym to improve my general fitness this gym also ran two weekly one and a half hour yoga sessions which I also joined,(I was the only male in a class of approx 16 women,I did enjoy myself-yoga that is) I found the yoga is particularly beneficial for lung cancer survivors it helps to improve your breathing,muscle flexiblity and learning how to relax your mind and body.I have even read yoga can help prevent cancer re-occurance?,I can recommend yoga to you,I am sure you will see an improvement in your general health.

       I wish you every success in your recovery and that you feel restored to full health mentally and physically

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