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During my husbands illness with lc I kept a journal of daily events.  When he went to heaven in Oct 2009 a made a few entries afterward and put it away.  Since then I sold our home and moved away.  I hadn't seen that journal in almost 7 years and came across it today.  It brought back an avalanche of emotions and it feels like his passing just happened yesterday.  Today is a bad day for me :(

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I've known so many who have passed from this horrible disease.  Without exception they were late stage diagnosis, typical of lung cancer.  Moreover, like your experience, chemo was the only available therapy and it wasn't very effective.  I can say these things of the many I've known but none were tied by a bond of love.  To lose the love of one's life to lung cancer and watch the devastation unfold is unfathomable.  I cannot say I know how you feel.  I can try to imagine but that will fall far short. 


Yet, despite going through the mayhem of your loss, you return to minister to those who bear the burden of disease.  That is laudable, remarkable and speaks volumes of your heart and character.  Thank you for staying the course.



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