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Air purifier


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Hi. I am not sure how effective this is, but I wanted to share the link to the product. When I told my father in law that the oncologist does not want my mom shaking hands with people, hugging or kissing at my shower and wedding and all of those events, he bought my mom this portable air purifier to wear around her neck for the shower earlier today and anytime she is out in public. It seems neat to help limit germs:)


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hi, last year SARS outbreak in hong kong, these kind products are very popular for purifying the air. But, after a while, our consumer council tested several different brand products and concluded that these cannot kill germs etc.....I am not sure whether this brand could do well and this brand was widely used by local stars, but I have an impression that this not really help.

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While hand sanitizer and surgical mask are very good at what they are designed to do, there is some value of keeping this gadget by your face, ie it keeps people out of it, and enlarges your personal space. There's some merit to that notion. I'd sooner trust the surgical mask on a plane, however.

Hope your mom enjoys the shower....



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