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Stage 4 adenocarcinoma


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Hello and welcome to our site.  Can you tell us a bit more about what you've been through?  Have you started any treatments and what are they?  I'm sure others will follow that can help you so keep us updated.

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Thank you for your reply.

I had two fluid drainages done before I was put on tarceva(elotinib) last July. My oncologist was hoping that it would stop the fluid builtup in my right lung but it didn't. After the third drainage the respiratory doctor recommended the insertion of a catheter but my oncologist was against that. He then sent me off to have a pleurodesis in September. While in hospital my liver function test showed high readings so I was taken off tarceva. However, I have been on Iressa (gefitinib) since October.

Since having the pleurodesis done and switching over to Iressa, my condition seems to be stabilised. Praise God. I have a very supportive family, great friends and a caring church family.

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Welcome here.  You've certainly trekked a difficult treatment path.  Bet you've had a biopsy and it disclosed tumor markers that suggested Tarceva or Iressa would be effective.  Was that surgical or by bronchoscope?


I've not experienced fluid buildup but have met many who have.  It is not pleasant.  Your pleurodesis should prevent future fluid build up.  I've read good things about Iressa and a stabilized condition is a good indication it is working.


Stay the course.



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After my first drainage, a sample was sent off to the cytology department and came back with a positive EGFR mutation status. Tarceva (elotinib 150mg) was initially prescribed but it caused havoc on my liver so I was then put on Iressa (gefitinib 250mg). So far so good. Had a CT scan on Wednesday and everything seemed to be stabilised.

I do understand that being at stage 4, my condition is only treatable, to delay the inevitable. I am grateful for each day and I try to make the most of my time. I have a husband of 28 years and three adult children. All of us have adopted a positive attitude and I do live my life as normal as possible.

I live in Western Australia and unfortunately there is no support group here. I have tried to sign up with Lung Foundation Australia but somehow the website does not recognise my email address and I have no reply from anyone. Hence the reason I have reached out to you. Thank you very much for taking me in.

Next Sunday, 22/05, I shall be taking part in a 4km run/ walk (HBF - run for a reason) to raise funds towards Lung Foundation Australia. I have a lot of support, mainly from my children's friends. I am very blessed.

Your stories here have given me a lot of encouragement. You are all my heroes!

Keep on keeping on!!!

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Hi there, I completed the 4km track yesterday. Yay!!!!!! With help and support from family and friends I was able to raise $3445 for Lung Foundation Australia!!!!


Everyday is a good day!!!





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