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Update on my sister

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    After a year of scans, tests, and other wastes of time a new Oncologist has informed us that what's been showing up in all those scans is a recurrence in the same lung. Of course, since they wasted a year testing her without giving any treatment, only a small portion of the left lung is left unaffected. The old Oncologist kept claiming she didn't know it was cancer. Wow!

    She is going to be starting chemo within the next two weeks. Possibly the Cisplatin again plus 2 more new chemo drugs. I need to try to talk him out of using the Cisplatin again because it was so hard on her last time that she needed Ritalin in order to "wake up" from severe chemo brain symptoms. So I will be using this section to update everyone and probably ask a ton of questions. Here we go again  :cry:

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