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I'd like to know if there are any long time survivors here with my cancer? Squamous cell carcinoma....stage 3...not sure if A or B but was told I'm only stage 3 because of size and location...cancer hasn't spread to any areas or lymph nodes. I know it's different for everyone but I keep replaying that sage 3 survival rate..:.under 5% over 5 years and it's freaking me out. Anyone?

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Hi Yankeegirl,

                    Welcome to LCSC,I am sorry to hear about your dx,I can well understand your anxiety,which is par for the course at the outset.With a bit of time and the support of family,friends and the buddies here I am certain you will become more able to cope.I was dxd  in 2008 with NSCLC (squamous) with local spread to the lymph nodes.I had chemo and surgery all completed by January 2009.Here in Scotland the post treatment follow up is  six monthly check ups for five years.A couple of major differences in Scotland compared to the USA,we dont do CT scans in our follow up checks,only X-rays,the next is, we dont really go into staging in our relationship with our medical specialists,so I was never told what my staging was? I suppose my best guess would be 2A?,however its something I dont obsess over,its enough for me to trust my medical team in providing for me the most professional support through my treatments.A couple of years ago I had the last of my 5 yearly checks up,my oncologist after checking me out and a look at my latest X-rays,turned to me and said "Eric,we do have success in treating lung cancer and you are certainly one,I would go as far to say with confidence,you are cured,now go away,I dont expect to see you again",we shook hands and parted as friends.

        My best wishes for your treatments and the successful outcome I have had the priviledge to experience.

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My diagnosis was Stage III A or B (uncertainty due to size of tumor) Squamous cell NSCLC - exactly the same as your diagnosis.  I was diagnosed on February 4, 2004 and have lived and enjoyed life for more than 12 years.  My survival projection matched yours and most importantly, if I can live so can you.


The link below my post will give all the details but all that is necessary to say, at this juncture, is I'm alive.


Stay the course.



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