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Friend with pancoat tumor

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Hi my 39 year old female friend was recently diagnosed with a pancoat tumor on her left lung apex. She has been in extreme pain for several months and has seen 5 surgeons to find one to remove it. I have a couple of questions:

1 everything I read says that chemo and radiation are the 1st thing before surgery, but they said the location won't allow for radiation and they will biopsy it before determining if she needs chemo. Has anyone had surgery without chemo and/or radiation?

2 how can I help her?

Any info you can also give me about the pain she will go through would also be helpful as she is petrified of the amount of pain she may be facing.

Thank you

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Hello friend.

I was diagnosed with a Pancoast tumor in the apex of my right upper lobe .  I also went to

the doctor because I was having chest wall pain and pain down my right arm.

It was named after a Doctor Pancoast who was the one that set up the plan to treat it.


I had chemo and radiation .  It shrunk then they were able to do surgery.

The plan also includes chemo after surgery.


With modern radiation it is hard for me to believe they would be unable to do radiation.


I would find a Doctor or clinic cable of doing the radiation with the chemo.


It sure worked for me.  I am more than 18 years since diagnosis.


Keep us posted.


Donna G

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