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Stage 4 NSCLC

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Hi everyone My Fiancé has sage 4 non-small cell cancer. He has done chemo and radiation and is now on Opdivo. He is having lots of stomach issues pain along with diarrhea and some slight dizziness. He has only had 4 opdivo treatments.

He is tired of the pain and ready to give up. Trying my best to keep him  motivated to continue on.


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I'm so sorry to read your post but I am glad you are here.  I myself don't know anything about Optivo or side effects but I'm sure someone will follow me who can help.  Please keep us updated ((hugs))

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Hi there. I am sorry to hear that you and your fiance are going through a difficult time with his treatment. While I cannot speak in medical terms, as KatieB says in her post, your fiance's medical team should be able to help with some of the pain and discomfort.


It sounds like your fiance is very lucky to have you as his partner and caregiver. This community is full of incredibly strong caregivers who have been on a similar path. I hope that you're able to make some very positive connections through these message boards. Please keep us posted!


LUNGevity also has a discussion board and a Facebook group for Immunotherapy. Here are the links:


It may be easier to connect directly with others who are taking Opdivo on those pages. We are here for you!

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