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Stage IV NSCLC (adenocarcinoma)


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Hello everyone,


I am 44 and was recently diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer (April, 2016) and although I am hopeful, at times I can fall off and get so discouraged. I start radiation (5 treatments) in a couple of hours and chemo starts on June 29th. I think the hardest part is not knowing where I will be in a few years. I have a 7 year old and a 5 year old and it kills me to think ... well, you know. I just accomplished a life-long dream of graduating college and now have a "dream job" only to have this fall upon me!


I am usually in a decent mood except I ran out of Zanax a couple of days ago...I didn't think I needed it anymore (lol). I have more on the way. I suppose what I need most is a social outlet; to be near people who understand what I am going through. I hope this is where I will find peace and solace.


Thank you!

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Welcome here!


I can't give you peace but here is my solace.  I've survived 12 years beyond diagnosis with late stage, non-small cell, Squamous cell lung cancer.  My survival journey included 3 failed surgeries, failed second and third line chemotherapy and finally a successful CyberKnife treatment.  It took more than 3 years of near continuous treatment, but I'm no evidence of disease or NED as we call it in cancer lingo.  NED is where you want to be.  So this solace I offer you: if I can live, so can you.


I worked during my second line and third line treatments (taxol and carboplatin chemotherapy infusions).  If you feel up to it, work your dream job.  You've chosen treatment and doing so, I believe, you've made a choice to live.  Therefore, it is important to realize that in all the mayhem of treatment you'll encounter, don't forget to do something enjoyable and meaningful with the life you have.  A dream job sounds like just the ticket.


I don't know how much research you've done on your disease.  Here is a good place to get a lot of easily understood information about your lung cancer - http://www.lungevity.org/about-lung-cancer/lung-cancer-101


Did your biopsy of your tumor reveal tumor markers?  There are a lot of new therapies for adenocarcinoma with new treatments being frequently introduced.  Here is a resource on these new targeted therapies that explains targeted treatment - https://www.lungevity.org/about-lung-cancer/lung-cancer-101/treatment-options/targeted-therapy 


Regardless, all of us here completely understand what you are going through.  We've been there.  If you have questions, ask away.  If something is bothering you, this is a good place to vent.  And, we've all vented and most of us have taken Xanax!


I hope your first treatment goes well.


Stay the course.



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Hi Stevo,


Glad you found us.  That is great info that Tom has given you.  It is very sad to hear that you also have been diagnosed

with lung cancer.  Your children are so very young.  They need their Dad.  Glad you have decided to fight this and have a plan.


I was diagnosed with lung cancer also and after many months of treatments I have survived.  At the time it was very tough.

There are good medicines for the side affects of radiation and chemo but it is still a rough road.  After about 6 months of treatment

I began to get so beaten up I went into depression.  Glad to say there meds for that also.

In the end it was well worth it. I am an 18 year survivor .


Please let us know if you need any help, have questions or just need to vent.  Keep us posted.


Donna G

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Hi Stevo!!


I too hate that you are here, and so young with young kids. I was 47 but my baby was 21. Don't get me wrong, I want to think she will need me forever, but you need to see your babies make their way through school!! With the right treatments, you will!! I wish you much luck that you get good results quickly! I am glad that Tom & Donna got to your post as quickly as they did. Their stories are very inspirational. They also have much knowledge to go with all of those years of experience.


Please come back often to look around at info available and ask questions. I wish I had found this site before I had finished all of my treatment. I might have felt better knowing more from talking to people than reading articles.


Be well,


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Stevo, you have come to a great place. I think you might find a lot of help here and on the Inspire forum also. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer and tested positive for the ALK gene mutation in April of 2015. You did not say whether or not your physician tested your tumor for any mutations so I am assuming either that was not done (highly unlikely)  or that you do not have one of these mutations. All of this is new to you now as it was for all of us at one time so of course you are scared and confused that is totally understandable. Please know that lung cancer is not the automatic death sentence that it was years ago, there are so many new and more effective treatments out there and more coming out everyday, don't lose hope. I think by reaching out to others that are going through or have gone through what you are is a great help and comfort. I wish you well and please keep us posted. Cancer is a hurry up and wait game so you will need to practice your patience and there will be good days and bad days and all I can tell you is to make the most of those good days and know that the bad ones won't last forever. God be with you.

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Stevo - We are walking through this together.  I was just diagnosed too.  I am waiting on a plan from my Dr.  We will beat this...  We will be winners...  Hang in there and if there is anything I can do to support you, let me know.  Marc

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Hi Stevo,


I am sorry for your diagnosis, but I am happy that you found LCSC. As you can see from the responses above, this is a very supportive, close-knit community of survivors and caregivers who have been on similar journeys. I hope that you will be able to make many meaningful connections with this group.


Please keep us posted with your treatments and progress. Feel free to ask questions and let us know what you need.






P.S. Congratulations on graduating and on getting your dream job! I know it may seem like the timing is unfortunate, but that doesn't take away from the fact that you still accomplished those goals.



Lauren Humphries

Digital Communities Manager

LUNGevity Foundation


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