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need info on needle biopsy for lung mass


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looking for someone who has experience with


a needle biopsy for a lung mass:


Q;  How much pain?


Q:  Were you given any mild sedative?


Q:  Did the sedative work for you?


Q Did you refuse the biopsy either before or during because of pain


Q:  If you refused the biopsy what alternatives were offered?


Q: Were you offered any stronger sedatives?


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Deirdre, I have had two needle biopsies, one in each lung. For the first one they gave me some Versid(?), or whatever they call that "twilight" drug. It wasn't nearly enough. MIne were both CT scan guided. They are aiming for something really small and because your lungs move when you breathe, you have to be completely still. I didn't like the interventional radiologist's "bedside manner" and it did hurt a little, but not too too much and the procedure doesn't take an unbearable length of time. When I went in for the second one, I really liked the guy a lot and I was more relaxed, but I told him flat out that I'd done this once before and I want more drugs. They put it in your IV, but if I made the slightest sound while he was working, it felt like he also was able to release some kind of numbing medication so not only was I completely relaxed, I couldn't feel the needle at all. PLUS, I motioned for more in my IV so he told the nurse to go ahead, which she did. It didn't hurt at all. So, I'd tell them you know it can be done painlessly. My two were like night and day, and the second one was trickier because it was small and behind breaat tissue and a rib. Cindy

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